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On our page, we have listed hundreds of reviews of customers and some highlights for you. Below we have the most popular battery operated shaver available on the market today. You can choose what you like.

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Battery Operated Shaver Reviews



Wet & Dry Operation, 100% Waterproof

Battery Operated, Shave on the Move

Credit Card Size, easily fits in your pocket

Includes 2 Shaving Foils and a Cleaning Brush, Requires 2*AAA batteri

Single Blade Wet/Dry Shaver

Pro-Curve Battery Operated Travel Shaver with Single Blade Design and Wet/Dry Technololgy, Black…

Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver, Black

Panasonic ES3831K is a ideal shaver for travel or light touch-up shaving during the day, 1-Bade cutting system that follows facial contours for a clean close shave.

  • “It is small enough to pack, and lightweight, so it is easy to travel with which is nice with restrictions on carry-on sizes.” – Tony
  • “And the shaver gives a reasonably smooth, close shave.” – D. Howerton
  • “With only one blade across the top it does not cut all facial hairs, especially on the neck, so they get longer and longer each day and the shaver will Never cut them.” – Dakota Flyboy

Remington MSC-140 Men's Titanium Battery Operated Foil Travel Shaver

The only dual foil travel shaver available with the power of titanium! 2 times more screens than any other travel shaver.

Product Reviews
  • “He had to keep going over the same spots trying to get it to actually shave the hair.” – Jordan
  • “Good battery life.” – Jass
  • “Gives me a very close, smooth shave.” – G. A. Modun

Braun Mobile Shaver - M90 1 Count

Braun’s MobileShave, Braun’s smallest electric shaver, makes it easy and convenient to restore a freshly groomed appearance whenever and wherever you need to look your best.

Buyers Guide
  • “The M90 is well protected for travel in your kit with its swing about cover.” – Thomas Coffey
  • “The batteries last a long time.” – A. J. Lees
  • “I have a tough beard and it does not work very well, skipping over hairs that the even the tiny trimmer struggles to get.” – G. Waters

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